63 Best Gifts From Canada According To A Canadian (2024)


Looking for Canadian souvenirs and gifts to buy in Canada to send overseas? We’ve got you covered.

As a well-traveled Canadian, I’m always seeking the best things to buy in Canada to share during my travels. I’ve also assisted numerous exchange students and friends from overseas in finding unique gifts from Canada to take home.

In my experience, there are two main types of Canadian items you can buy: Canadian souvenirs and made in Canada products. Canadian souvenirs often feature flags, maps, and iconic symbols like beavers, bears, or Mounties. Conversely, made in Canada gifts encompass handmade goods, food, clothing, and other less overtly Canadian items.

Our list of what to buy in Canada includes both traditional souvenirs and popular made in Canada products to offer ideas for both types of Canadian gifts.

Last updated January 3, 2024.

Table Of Contents
  1. Best Gifts to Buy from Canada: Quick Guide
  2. 63 Best Canadian Gifts
  3. Canadian Food Gifts
  4. Canadian Coffee & Tea
  5. Alcohol Made in Canada
  6. Canadian & Indigenous Art
  7. Canada Accessories & Clothing Souvenirs
  8. Health & Beauty Products Made in Canada
  9. Canadian Jewelry
  10. What is the Best Canadian Gift?
  11. Where to Buy Canadian Souvenirs
  12. Wrap Up: 63 Best Gifts from Canada

Best Gifts to Buy from Canada: Quick Guide

If you’re short on time then refer to this list of our top recommendations (by category) of things to buy from Canada to gift family and friends overseas. And as a bonus, we’ve included quick links to buy each product, plus average prices you can expect to spend for each.

  • Top Cheap Canadian Souvenir: Canadian Fridge Magnets ($3-$10)
  • Top Canadian Food Gifts: Maple Syrup ($10-$20)
  • Top Canadian Coffee Themed Gifts: Package of Tim Hortons Coffee ($8-$20)
  • Top Canada Themed Clothing: Canadian Toque ($10-$30)
  • Top Indigenous Souvenirs: Moccasins ($60-$120)
  • Top Canadian Beauty Products: Anything from Lush Cosmetics ($20-$30)

63 Best Canadian Gifts

Our goal is to give you lots of affordable and unique Canadian gift ideas to inspire you, and helpful tips on where to find each of these products (keeping in mind every store’s inventory differs and we can’t make guarantees).

We’ve also included an average price range for a giftable size of each product, because who doesn’t like to know the cost upfront.

1. Canadian Flags

Canadian Flag is one of the best gifts from Canada

One gift we always gifted exchange students and visitors to our home over the years was a full size Canadian flag. We also often brought many little paper Canadian flags with us on our travels to give to friends we made along the way (an awesome gift if you’re on a service learning project trip or buying for groups of youth).

Flags are nostalgic, iconic, cheap and lightweight. They come in various sizes and materials and can be both a perfect souvenir from Canada to remember your travels, and the perfect gift to give friends who share your love for the country.

Where to buy: Amazon, Dollar stores, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Flag shops
Average Cost: $4-$20

Buy a variety sizes and styles of Canadian Flags here.

2. Map of Canada Wall Poster

Map of Canada is a great souvenir from Canada

If you’re buying for a map-lover like me, you can’t go wrong by buying a Canadian map wall poster. Decide whether you want to go fancy like these incredible artisan Canadian map art pieces, or opt for a cheap roadmap of Canada that’s equally worthy of being hung on a wall.

Both make great gifts you can cater to your souvenir budget.

✏️Traveler’s Tip: If you’re looking for a souvenir for yourself rather than for others, consider buying a roadmap to hang on your wall, and highlight or pin all of the locations you’ve been to across the country.

Where to buy: Etsy Canada, Amazon, Walmart, Canadian Tire
Average Cost: $10-$100+

 Shop handmade Canadian map wall art here.

3. Canadian Themed Stuffed Animals

Without a doubt, the moose, bear and beaver have earned their status as symbols of Canada, especially when it comes to stuffed animal souvenirs. Just browse gift shops in tourist hotspots like Niagara Falls and Ottawa, and you’re sure to find these animals stuffy-sized and dressed up as Mounted Police or decked out in Canadian clothes.

These stuffed animals are perfect if you’re buying Canadian gifts for kids back home.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Amazon
Average Cost: $10-$20

4. Canada Books for Kids

Again, if you’re buying for kids, Canada-themed books for kids is a practical and enjoyable gift. With loads of options available, ranging from baby alphabet books to kids’ encyclopedias, you’ll definitely be able to find a Canadian book that suites the kid you’re buying for.

Books are easy to pack and check off all the boxes of a perfect gift (light weight, fun, interactive, and educational) and are the kind of item that doesn’t go out of style.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Walmart
Average Cost: $10-$20

✅ Find Canadian-themed books here.

5. Canada Puzzle

Can’t get enough of the view of Niagara Falls? How about a panoramic shot of the downtown Toronto skyline at night? Why not capture your favourite landmarks from your travels in an iconic Canadian puzzle.

While puzzles tend to take up more space in your suitcase, they are lightweight and are more unique than your typical souvenir keychain or mug. They’re also perfect for both adults and kids, making them a versatile gift to bring home.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Walmart, Canadian Tire
Average Cost: $10-$40

✅ Shop iconic Canadian puzzles here.

7. Canada Coasters

What we love about Canada-themed coasters is that they are both classy and affordable, making them the perfect business gifts from your Canadian travels.

You can either go with traditional Canadiana-themed coasters or handmade artisan products (often made of wood, stone or class). We love the products you’ll find here from Foxwood Gifts Canada on Etsy, and as a bonus they are made locally in Windsor, Ontario.

Where to buy: Etsy Canada, Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Amazon
Average Cost: $10-$30

We love these handmade Canadian coasters.

8. Canadian Keychains

As old school as it may be, Canadian keychains still make a great gift when your budget isn’t high or you have lots of people to buy for. They’re easy to come by and sure to be used by anyone and everyone, young and old.

Keychains are also a popular gift to pick up at your favourite towns, cities or landmarks around the country. From popular beaches like Wasaga Beach, to mid-sized cities like London, Ontario (our home city), to remote tourist destinations like Pelee Island (Canada’s southernmost land mass), you’re likely to find this simple and cheap souvenir wherever you go.

Where to buy: Souvenir and gift shops, dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon
Average Cost: $3-$10

✅ Check out Canadian keychains here.

9. Canadian Fridge Magnets

Who can deny that fridge magnets are an easy and well-received token of travel. Almost like a passport stamp, they’re a sign of having stepped foot in a special place. They also make easy, light, and fun gifts for friends back home who won’t have any trouble knowing what to do with it.

If you love to support Canadian artisans, then we recommend browsing these beautiful, uniquely designed Canadiana fridge magnets.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon
Average Cost: $5-$15

Shop artisan Canadian fridge magnets.

10. Postcards

Long gone are the days we actually relied on mail to stay in touch, but there’s something still so special about receiving a postcard from overseas.

Pick up a few postcards at your favourite Canadian tourist destinations and make your friends and family know that you are thinking of them.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, tourist centres, dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon
Average Cost: $1-$5

11. Canadian Flag Temporary Tattoos

If you’re buying Canadian souvenirs for kids, then temporary tattoos of Canadian symbols and flags are an easy, cheap and lightweight gift to bring home.

If you know you’ll be in Canada around Canada Day (July 1) you’ll have no trouble finding temporary tattoos in dollar stores and department stores across the country.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, dollar stores, Walmart, Amazon
Average Cost: $1-$5

12. Canada Beach or Bath Towel

As a teenager and young adult, I loved being able to sport a cool beach towel on my trips to the lake every summer. If you’re looking for Canadian gift ideas for a teen who loves to make a statement, then a classic Canadian beach towel might just fit the bill.

Where to buy: Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Walmart, Amazon
Average Cost: $15-$50

Canadian Food Gifts

Cheap, lightweight and well-enjoyed by everyone you share with, Canadian food souvenirs are some of the most popular things to buy in Canada for friends and family around the world.

Here’s a look at my favourite foods to buy in Canada – either because they’re uniquely Canadian (like Coffee Crisp and Mackintosh Toffee), or so popular in Canada that they’ve become a symbol of the country (like maple syrup and Tim Hortons coffee).

13. Maple Syrup

I grew up down a country road from an award-winning sugar bush, so to say that maple syrup was a thing of my childhood is an understatement.

It also meant that any foreigner visiting my family home got treated to a trip to the maple syrup farm, and every overseas trip included a stack of maple products to give as gifts.

This well-known Canadian food treat is easily among the most popular Canadian products to pack in your luggage and share around the world. You can find it in grocery stores, on Amazon, and of course, fresh from local sugar shacks in the late winter and early spring months.

Tip: Plastic maple syrup bottles or cans often give you the most bang for your buck, but the decorative glass bottles can be a more appealing choice due to their beauty.

Where to buy: Local maple sugar bushes, grocery stores, Amazon
Average Cost: $10-$50

14. Hard Maple Syrup Candies

We’ve found that when traveling to certain countries, our hosts don’t necessarily know what to do with a bottle of maple syrup (if pancakes, waffles or baking aren’t commonplace).

Sending a pack of hard maple candies is one of the easiest ways to give the gift of true maple syrup in a way that everyone knows how to receive. They’re also great for sharing with large groups who won’t necessarily expect the more expensive gift of a full bottle of the sweet stuff.

Where to buy: Local maple sugar bushes, specialty grocery stores, Canadian souvenir and gift shops, Amazon
Average Cost: $10-$30

15. Soft Maple Sugar Candies

Like the hard version of maple candies, these super soft maple sugar candies make for a great group gift and a well-received alternative to liquid maple syrup.

If you’ve never tried them before, you really must experience the to-die-for melting of soft maple sugar in your mouth and you’ll know with one bite that they’re worth every cent spent.

Where to buy: Local maple sugar bushes, specialty grocery stores, Canadian souvenir and gift shops
Average Cost: $10-$30

16. Maple Spread

Heading to a country more accustomed to eating bread than pancakes and waffles? Maple spread is a great option that might be received as a more practical gift than traditional Canadian maple syrup.

Spreadable like butter, a little jar of this sweet food treat is another popular Canadian made product that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere outside of North America.

Where to buy: Local maple sugar bushes, specialty grocery stores, Canadian souvenir and gift shops
Average Cost: $10-$30

17. Maple Cookies

We have found in our travels that sometimes people in other countries don’t know what to do with the maple syrup we’ve gifted them, often because pancakes aren’t customary to their culture. In cases like this, maple cookies are a great choice to share the amazing maple flavour with others (or to remember it by yourself!).

While maple cookies are easy to come by in grocery stores or even in dollar stores, be conscious of whether the cookies contain pure maple syrup or just maple flavouring. Peak Freans Maple Flavour Biscuits are the gold standard of Maple Cookies.

Buy on Amazon

18. Maple Tea

Specialty teas are a favourite souvenir of many, and so it’s no surprise that our last item on the list of maple products is maple tea. While the flavour may not be as strong as sipping pure maple syrup, tea is a valued part of many cultures and is therefore a welcomed gift almost anywhere you can go!

Containing black tea, flavouring and real maple syrup, maple tea is another great gift to share with others overseas.

Note: Remember that each maple syrup producer may produce their own specialty maple products, which only adds to the variety of options for you to explore and remember Canada by!

19. Coffee Crisp

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, this unique and delicious chocolate bar is exclusively available within Canada (where our love for coffee certainly warrants its creation)!

20. Smarties

Smarties are an easy gift from Canada

Smarties are a crowd pleaser among tourists due to their colourful assortment and unique home to Canada! Easy to split a package among your friends back home, Smarties make a great little and ultra light addition to your luggage.

21. Mackintosh Creamy Toffee

If you’re looking for a sweet treat that will have your mouth watering and stomach growling, look no further than this Canada-made toffee. Just be prepared that you may wish that you bought just one more.

Buy on Amazon

22. SmartSweets

Ever felt guilty after eating a sweet treat? Don’t fear, SmartSweets is here! SmartSweets is a Canadian company passionate about providing an easy way for people to keep their candy without all the guilt. Try this uniquely awesome product with no refined sugars and only natural ingredients. Most important of all, they taste great, too!

23. Ketchup Chips

Nowadays chips come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Ketchup chips may not be the strangest flavour you come across on the shelves, but it is oddly and uniquely Canadian! Perhaps it’s because of Canada’s history of ketchup production that these chips have found their home here.

Want to impress your friends with some funky flavoured snacks? Bring home a bag of ketchup chips. Just don’t take it in your carry on if you want it to survive the flight!

24. HoneyBars

The perfect snack for when you’re on-the go. HoneyBars are made with nuts, seeds dried fruits and honey, and always less than 10 ingredients!

Plus, each one packs in the protein so it’ll keep your energy up while making that long trip home. As a tasty and healthy alternate to candy, support this Canadian company and give your friends and family back home a taste of (healthy) Canadian snack culture.

25. Saskatoon Berry Jam

While jam is certainly not unique to Canada, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this unique flavour from the Canadian prairies anywhere outside of this country.

If your travels have led you to Saskatoon, or anywhere close to it, picking up a jar of homemade Saskatoon berry jam will be a fun and enjoyable way for you to share the love of your travels when you return home.

26. Passion Flakies

Bring home some Passion Flakies from your trip to the Great White North! These delicious pastries are made by the Quebec cake company, Vachon. The creamy and fruity filling make them craved for all over eastern Canada and are easily a sugary staple on this side of the country!

27. Laura Secord Chocolates & Fudge

Canada’s largest and most well-known chocolatier is Laura Secord, making these chocolates perfectly delicious Canadian souvenirs to share – or keep to yourself! (We won’t tell if you do!)

Originating in 1913 in Toronto, and named after Canada’s brave War of 1812 heroine, Laura Secord, this company is Canadian through and through. Laura Secord chocolates come in all kinds of flavours for you to enjoy!

Buy on Amazon

28. Nanaimo Bars

Originating in the British Columbian city of Nanaimo, these chocolatey, coconutty, creamy dessert bars are a true Canadian favourite. If you’ve never tried one before, stop off at your local bakery or cafe and give them a taste before you leave Canada.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love them enough to want to stock up for your trip home, and luckily you should have no problem sourcing them from most grocery stores.

29. Butter Tarts

Butter tarts have been around since at least the early 1900s, and they’re as popular in Canada now as ever. If you want to make your taste buds happy when you travel home, head over to your local bakery or grocery store to pick up some before you go! The only question that remains is…raisins or no raisins?

30. Canadian Dried Meat

If you’re looking for a unique meat that only Canada has to offer, look no further than Canadian dried meat snacks, like summer sausage, beef jerky and pepperettes. These delicious dried sausages are made by Mennonite communities and other Canadian farmers and come packed with flavour and nutrients brought about during the fermentation process.

What meat-eater doesn’t love the savory taste of dried meats!

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31. Smoked Salmon

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for any seafood lover, your answer just might be in the smoked salmon. This delicious cured meat is a staple in British Columbia and a perfect Canadian souvenir from both the East and West Coast. Looking for a little extra canuck flavour? Consider maple glazed smoked salmon, nature’s candy!

Buy on Amazon

Not your first thought when brainstorming Canadian gifts, but why not? Don’t we all love a little cultural cooking inspiration? Gifting local grains and legumes are an ethical and conscious choice when visiting Canada, a country built on the backbone of agriculture.

32. Bean Soup Mix

Canada is known for its vast farm land where beans, grains and lentils are grown in abundance. Pick up a package of exclusively Canadian-grown dried bean soup mix (equipped with cooking instructions) as an amazing gift for anyone looking to try authentic Canadian cuisine while supporting Canadian farmers.

I grew up on Warriner Family Farms Bean Soup Mix, and can’t recommend it enough! This soup mix is available at many grocery stores around Ontario and available for shipping across North America when you order online.

33. Wild Rice

Canadian wild rice is supremely healthy and a unique gift to take back to wherever you call home. It is chalked full of nutrients and best of all, it is purely natural: organic, wild grown, and often sustainably harvested. Straight from the waters of Northwestern Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canadian wild rice is an ethical, healthy and delicious product to bring back home.

34. Canadian Quinoa

In Canada, quinoa has rapidly grown in popularity over recent years, despite having its ancient roots in indigenous cultures in South America. Quinoa is generally the type of food that is either already a part of a culture’s cuisine or is definitely not, which makes it a great choice of souvenir if you were never raised to eat it.

Simple to make and versatile with many dishes, bringing home a bag of Canadian-grown quinoa will help you to keep cooking Canadian-style dinners for days to come, and will help to support Canada’s important agricultural sector.

Canadian Coffee & Tea

We always enjoy discovering each new country’s favourite coffee and tea flavours, and chances are, your friends and family back home will, too. Check out these great Canadian hot drinks that we think are worthy of a spot in your suitcase.

35. Tim Hortons Coffee

Few brands speak louder to Canada’s culture than the iconic Tim Hortons. Originating in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, by hockey player Tim Horton himself, this restaurant chain is now the largest in the country. You can hardly find a gift more true to Canadian food and drink culture than Tim Hortons coffee!

Buy on Amazon

36. Westholme Tea Company


Westholme Tea Company offers a truly unique Canadian gift: Tea grown exclusively in Canada’s Cowichan Valley. This company is the first and only tea plantation in Canada, and they’ve crafted their skill to near perfection.

Try a variety of flavors including Maple-Smoked Green Tea, and experience tea that is truly one of a kind. Order online and ship before you leave.

37. Starbucks ‘Been There’ Series Mugs

I have always admired the collection of Starbucks souvenir mugs that some of my world traveler friends have collected from cities around the globe. The wide, colourful mugs are not only the most perfect coffee carriers, they’re also a classy collector’s item and a great conversation starter for your afternoon hangouts with friends.

Take home the ‘Been There series’ mugs from some of your favourite Canadian cities and start this fun collection!

Buy on Amazon

Alcohol Made in Canada

Another item you will want to be sure to declare at customs and be in legal age of possession, but if you can check those boxes off, packing a bottle of Canadian-made alcohol (especially some you cannot get back home) can be a fun way to celebrate your return home with your friends and family, and a classy gift for anyone you’re looking to spend a bit more money on.

38. Canadian Whisky

Canada is known for its famous whisky. Canadian Club, Hiram Walker, JP Wiser’s, Crown Royal, Forty Creek, and the list goes on. If spirits are your thing, take home the spirit of agriculture with these favourite Canadian whiskys.

39. Canadian Wine

From the sunny Okanagan Valley to the lush Niagara Peninsula and then all the way east to Nova Scotia, Canada is known for producing excellent wines. Despite the harsh winter climates, Canadian summers provide perfect growing conditions across many of the provinces.

Some of Canada’s major brands include Peller Estates, Mission Hill, Trius, and Inniskillin, in addition to smaller scale operations scattered throughout the country. Taking home a bottle of Canadian wine is sure to make your friends and family back home happy and in a good mood!

40. Canadian Ice Wine

While the Canadian winters can be hard to bear, they are good for somethings: If there were no winters, there would be no ice wine…and we wouldn’t want that!

If you’ve never had a taste of Canadian ice wine, you are missing out. Like dessert in a glass, these slow sipping wines are a unique and extra special way to bring Canada home with you. But shhhh…don’t tell anyone…it’s so good, you’ll want to enjoy this souvenir all on your own!

41. Canadian Beers

Looking to take home some iconic Canadian brews? Consider picking up some Molson Canadian, Budweiser or Labatt Blue, as these are some of the most beloved Canadian beers. The great thing about Canadian beers is that there are numerous other mass-produced as well as literally countless craft breweries found throughout the country, meaning you have a ton of options available to choose from.

Do a bit of research into some of the craft breweries located near wherever you are visiting in Canada and support their business by bringing home some of their unique flavours. Enjoy good memories and great beer!

42. Canadian Ciders

With perfect growing conditions for apples and pears, it’s no wonder that Canadians have chosen to take on the cider market. Craft ciders can be found all over the country and are commonly sold in liquor stores and grocery stores alike.

Looking for a unique and tasty way to bring home your little corner of Canada? Pack a couple of ciders for you and your friends to enjoy back home and remember those good old summer days under the Canadian sun!

If you don’t know where to start, one of our favourite brands is Thornbury Cider, from Ontario’s Georgian Bay region.

Canadian & Indigenous Art

When we come across and engage with different cultures, it is important to be careful to respect and appreciate those cultures without misusing, commercializing or exploiting them. This can be particularly important with Indigenous art, as Canada’s Indigenous peoples have experienced a grueling history (and sadly often an ongoing reality) of mistreatment and exploitation.

Before purchasing a piece, we recommend considering the source and buying directly from the artist or artist cooperative whenever possible, as well as making an effort to understand the meaning behind the piece that you are purchasing.

43. First Nations, Inuit & Metis Paintings

Indigenous Art from Canada’s First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples is among some of the oldest art in existence. It encompasses practices outside of Eurocentric traditions, making every painting intriguing, awe-inspiring, and meaningful.

Gift a one-of-a-kind painting from Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and you’ll not only have an amazing conversation starter piece, but you’ll also be supporting these important communities and helping to remind others of the beautiful diversity that makes up Canada.

44. Soapstone Carvings

Soapstone carvings have been a part of Canada’s Indigenous people’s culture for thousands of years. Not only are soapstone carvings an authentic souvenir of some of the cultures that first inhabited this land, they are also incredibly beautiful, easy to come by, and durable enough to withstand being tossed and turned in your luggage home.

Some common soapstone depictions you may want to consider are animals, inukshuks, or totem poles. Again, we recommend learning about the piece you wish to buy before doing so, particularly when its a symbol of culture that isn’t part of your own.

45. Photography

There’s nothing like remembering the beautiful Canadian landscapes by professional photography, making this souvenir a natural winner. Whether it be Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, or the northern lights, Canadian landscapes are nothing shy of photo-worthy and will help you to recall those fond, even magical, memories for years to come.

Canada Accessories & Clothing Souvenirs

It’s always fun to sport a stylish piece of clothing branded from your recent travels. Any of these various clothing options below are bound to be found with a Canadian design, making them the ideal gift for your fashionable friends (or self)!

46. Canadian Made MacBook, iPad & iPhone Cases

Glitty Canadian Made Leather Laptop Case

If you’re an Apple fan, then you’ve got to check out Glitty’s Canadian made leather and wood cases for MacBooks, iPads and iPhones.

Crafted from the finest natural products and made here in Canada, Glitty knows how to add style without compromising quality.

We had the pleasure of receiving a MacBook case compliments of Glitty, and we can honestly say that this product is spectacular. Fitting snug around our laptop, we know it will do the job of shielding it from scratches and bumps that are bound to happen.

And the best part is that while it’s protecting the goods, it’s looking dang good.

We chose the black leather case for its simple class, but absolutely love the choice of leather colours as well as the authentic and natural look of the wood cases.

The perfect gift for the student, spouse, boss, or friend who has it all, Glitty’s Apple cases and skins check the box of locally made, ethically sourced, affordably priced and super classy.

Order Online Here

47. Canada T-Shirt

You know the saying, ‘Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.’ You cannot go wrong with picking up a couple Canada t-shirts (or perhaps class it up with a long sleeved shirt or Canada-themed sweater) to prove your travels. Next time someone asks if you really went to Canada, all you have to say is “been there, done that”, and show off that t-shirt.

48. Canada Toque, Scarf & Mittens

Toques have got to be Canada’s favourite hat. If you’ve never encountered the toque formally, you’ve undoubted seen many of them (if you’ve experienced the Canadian winter). Toques also look good on pretty well anyone and come in all sorts of styles! Pair it with a matching scarf or mittens and you’ll be ready when winter’s coming.

49. Plaid Clothes

You don’t actually have to be a lumberjack to pull off plaid. In fact, you may have noticed that we Canadians love the look. Gift the look of the Canadian North back home with a stylish plaid shirt (and a pair of jeans). While this item may not be made in Canada, it’s a look that’s undoubtedly ours!

50. Canada Goose Winter Gear

Canada Goose clothing is the perfect winter solution for those who demand the best in quality, craftsmanship and durability. Their clothes are made with the finest materials, including Argentinian Merino wool, and ethically sourced down and fur, ensuring that you stay warm even in the coldest temperatures.

With careful attention to detail and an eye for practicality, Canada Goose products will keep you comfortable no matter what weather comes your way.

51. Canadian Socks

Show your patriotism with these stylish flag-pattered socks. These Canadian-themed novelty socks are perfect for holidays or everyday wear, and they come in a variety of colours so you can match them to any outfit! We love this fun gift idea that you can cater to literally anyone on your list!

Buy on Amazon

52. Roots Clothes

Show off your Canadian pride with Roots clothing! The perfect way to represent this country is by wearing one of its most beloved brands, which has been around since 1973.

Founded in Toronto and born out of the spirit of the rugged Algonquin Park, Roots clothing is both fashionable and functional, from its iconic socks to its comfy sweatpants. You’ll be gifting clothes of true Canadian style when you take home Roots clothing for your friends, spouse or even your picky teenage daughter!

53. Hudson’s Bay Company (The Bay) Stripes

The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) began as a fur trading business on Canada’s Hudson Bay in 1670 and has since grown into one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in North America. With a history so rich and significant in the development of Canada, it’s only logical that something from the Hudson’s Bay Company (also called The Bay) would land on our list of Canadian gifts and souvenirs.

Bring home the unmistakable trademark green, red, yellow and black stripes that represents this historic company on a number of different items, from blankets to purses to winter gear!

54. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hat

If you visited Canada’s Midwest you might just want to buy a cowboy (or cowgirl) hat to show off your newfound love for all things country and western. Whether you’ve got the true country spirit to wear it or rather think it will make the perfect gift for your country-music-loving friend, there’s no denying that a cowboy hat will bring back great memories of your stay in Canada’s beautiful Midwest.

55. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots

You don’t have to ride horses to love the look of cowboy boots. These classic Western Canada style boots are perfect for anyone who wants to give their outfit that authentic, rustic feel. The leather uppers and rugged rubber soles mean you can wear these with anything from jeans or work clothes to formalwear. A beautifully classy Canadian gift from the heartland!

56. Canadian Sports Team Apparel

Show off where your affiliations lie when you wear the colours of your favourite team. Choose from a wide selection of jerseys and apparel for all of Canada’s professional teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Raptors and so much more.

So whether you’re a diehard fan or just want to gift your friends in style, bring home your favourite team on a hat, jersey, coffee mug, bobble head, and more!

57. Canada Baby Clothes

Buy Canada baby clothes to dress your favourite little one in true Canadian style! Choose from vintage designs or ones that sport the maple leaf in red and white. Just admit it: Nothing is cuter than a baby wearing fashionable clothes. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, and everything in between!

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Health & Beauty Products Made in Canada

When someone says “souvenir”, you probably don’t think of health and beauty products, do you? But what if some of the best souvenirs were the things that evoked your other senses – smell and touch – the ones that fridge magnets and fuzzy mittens can’t satisfy.

And, have you ever felt just a wee bit unlike yourself buying cheap dollar store souvenirs for your friends and family when you know they deserve so much more?

Yes, I am suggesting that you might just find your favourite Canadian gifts and souvenirs down this aisle…you’ll not only feel pampered while using these products, but you’ll also feel good about supporting some amazing Canadian entrepreneurs who brought their dreams to life through these businesses.

58. Lush

Lush is a cosmetics line that believes in using fresh, organic ingredients to create quality products. With little or no preservatives or packaging, Lush makes their own products and fragrances by hand. From fighting animal testing to using essential oils, Lush is focused on important issues, meaning you can feel great about purchasing from this amazing Canadian company.

59. Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty believes that natural ingredients and irresistible beauty go hand in hand. The company was born in Ontario, and its products have become hugely successful all over the world, including among celebrities.

Cake Beauty products are perfect for anyone who wants to feel their best – they’re made with natural ingredients, they smell so good you’ll want to eat them, and they work wonders on hair, body, and skin.

Buy on Amazon

60. Green Beaver Company

Green Beaver is a Canadian body care company that has been around since 2002. They’re environmentally conscious, producing natural body and skin care products as well other health & hygiene items for your home! They love to inspire people to live more sustainably by providing them with eco-friendly and truly healthy products they can feel great about purchasing!

61. Canadian-Made Candles

Give your friends and family a thoughtful, classy gift of luxurious candles that they are sure to love. Pick from soy-based or old fashioned beeswax candles for the perfect scent that captures all those fun memories of time spent on vacation throughout this beautiful country.

We love British Columbia’s Bella Coola Candle Company for its fun, Canadian-inspired scents. They are also eco-friendly and care about sourcing quality natural ingredients.

Buy on Amazon

62. Canadian-Made Soap

Canadian soap is a versatile and thoughtful gift to bring home from Canada for the people on your list who might be difficult to buy for. Go with quality companies that use eco-friendly ingredients, which are good not just for your skin but also for our environment!

There are many artisans producing handmade soaps these days so you can look around in nearby stores to support a local Canadian business.

We also recommend Crate 61, which was born from a small kitchen in Toronto and is now distributed all around the country.

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Canadian Jewelry

From handmade charm bracelets to ethical Canadian diamonds, gifting Canadian jewelry will always be a winning idea!

63. Canadian-Inspired Jewelry

Capture the beauty of Canada’s great outdoors in the pristine designs of handmade jewelry by talented Canadian artists, who find their inspiration from nature and its elements. Opt for a unique piece of maple leaves or rare Canadian gems, or even exquisite and ethical Canadian diamonds. You will give the gift of pure beauty when you bring home handmade Canadian jewelry, and will be supporting the country’s talented artists while doing so.

What is the Best Canadian Gift?

There’s no denying that Canada is known for a few things over and above all others: maple syrup, Tim Hortons coffee, and of course, hockey (Go Leafs, Go!). Picking up some maple products and your favourite sports team’s swag are definitely great Canada themed gifts, but don’t let your shopping stop there.

Canada is so rich and diverse in its people and in its products, that you don’t have to settle for the ordinary (though there’s nothing wrong with that!).

It’s our hope that this list of the best gifts from Canada has helped you buy affordable, practical, luxurious, and unique souvenirs and gifts that represent this great country.

Canadian Maple Syrup Souvenir

Where to Buy Canadian Souvenirs

Canadian souvenirs can be purchased in a ton of different places, from the dollar stores to boutiques, and from department stores to online retailers like Amazon.

Among all of these options, nothing beats supporting local businesses that believe in sourcing local products and putting their own blood, sweat and tears into making quality products. Independent businesses truly are the backbone of our communities!

When you can buy direct from these artisans and producers we say ‘go for it’! In our mind, the next best option is buying from these small businesses through thoughtful marketplaces like Etsy.

Wrap Up: 63 Best Gifts from Canada

From Canadian-themed trinkets that bear the red maple leaf to Canadian-made products only found in Canada, we hope our list has equipped you with tons of gift ideas to make your shopping for friends overseas, or for family back home, as easy as possible. Bon voyage and happy shopping!