Grand Bend Beach: 31 Things to Do You’ll Absolutely Love (2023)


Are you looking for what to do in Grand Bend Beach this summer? Read on. We’ve got it all!

There’s no denying that Grand Bend Beach is one of the best beaches in Ontario. With tons of summer attractions and fun things to do, you’ll have no trouble passing the dog days of summer away on this stretch of sand.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach town vibes this summer, keep reading so you can start planning your trip to the incredible Lake Huron gem of Grand Bend, Ontario.

Grand Bend Beach at Sunset

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Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend Beach is one of Ontario’s most popular beaches, and rightfully so. The Grand Bend Main Beach boasts the coveted Blue Flag Beach, recognizing the beach for its water quality, cleanliness, environmental sustainability and more.

And as a westward facing beach on the shores of Lake Huron, Grand Bend Beach comes with million-dollar sunset views that are absolutely free.

If you are looking for a busy Ontario beach with a laid-back, party vibe, you will find that Grand Bend easily exceeds your expectations.

Conveniently located on the sunny southeastern shores of the blue Lake Huron waters, Grand Bend is just an hour from the city of London and about 3 hours west of Toronto, making it the perfect southwestern Ontario day or weekend trip.

Note: Because of Lake Huron’s deep waters, it can take the better part of summer for these waters to really warm up. But that doesn’t seem to stop visitors. Grand Bend Beach is busy with visitors all summer, usually from the Victoria Day holiday until Labour Day.

Crowds sitting along Grand Bend Beach during the Summer Concert Series

30 Best Things to Do in Grand Bend

After our recent trip to Grand Bend it became very apparent to us that there is something for everyone in this bustling beach town. From water sports to motorsports, day spas to antique shopping, farmers markets to wineries, and camping grounds to luxury hotels, Grand Bend has it all.

We can’t wait to share our ideas of the best activities, sites, and things to do in and around Grand Bend this season!

Outdoor Activities in Grand Bend

There’s no better way to spend your day at Grand Bend than to be outdoors doing some of the following great activities.

1. Swim in Lake Huron

Grand Bend Beach during the busy summer months

Without a doubt, swimming in the refreshing waters of Grand Bend is a must-do summer activity for all visitors.

Because of Grand Bend’s “Blue Flag Beach” status, you can rest assured that the waters you are wading in are under strict quality and safety standards.

You can also be sure that the sandy beach is well-maintained by the municipality. These are some of the measures used to award Blue Flag Beach status, which is limited to a select few beaches in Ontario.

2. Rent Watersport Equipment

Person on a seadoo near the lighthouse at Grand Bend Beach

If swimming isn’t enough of an adventure for you, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

Grand Bend draws the right crowd to attract watersport rental and tour companies, which means you have some of the most well-loved and also most extreme watersport options available to you here.

We’ve done our research to find that customers are consistently satisfied with a few companies in particular. Since watersport rentals can be in high demand, there’s absolute value in having multiple trusted companies to choose from.

Grand Bend Water Sports rental sign

River Adventures Grand Bend

River Adventures offers some of your most sought-after water sport equipment: electric and gas powered inflatable boats (dinghy), kayaks, tandem kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs).

They also offer beginner SUP and kayak lessons, and some pretty cool specialty adventures like Glow Kayaking at night!

We’ve got to say that our favourite thing about River Adventures is that they offer accessible rentals, allowing people with mobility aids like wheelchairs the same amazing experience on the water. They also welcome dogs on flat-bottomed boats!

Xtreme Watersports Grand Bend

Another reputable company offering water sport equipment at Grand Bend beach is Xtreme Watersports.

They’ve got a 20 year track record of positive customer experience and offer some of the most popular equipment rentals you might be looking for – and then some you’ve probably never even considered!

If you’re looking for the thrill of Jet Ski or Seadoo rentals, or the favourite summer party attraction of a Water Trampoline rental, Xtreme Watersports has you covered.

They also offer Speed Boat Charters that come with all of the favourite watersport equipment (wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards, tubes), and best yet, they even offer flyboarding rentals + lesson.

Splash Watersports Grand Bend

Offering the most sought-after rentals, Splash Watersports is another trusted company that takes customer service and safety very seriously.

They specialize in Jetski and Pontoon rentals, and also offer Boat Charters with tubes, water skis, and wakeboards for you to enjoy.

With these three great companies as well as others you may come across in your stay, there are some amazing watersport options for you to make unforgettable memories at the beach.

3. Flyboard at Grand Bend

Man flyboarding, which is one of the extreme sports you can find in Grand Bend

If you have no idea what flyboarding is, you’re definitely not alone. Up until a couple years ago, flyboarding wasn’t that well known, but it’s quickly increased in popularity among extreme watersports fans.

So, what is this craziness, you might ask? Quite simply, a jet-pack that is propelled by pressurized water that travels through hoses connected to your board, that thrust you up into the air and allow you to dive and flip through the air and water.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

It is definitely a thrill, but for some people it’s also not that easy. We’ve had our hand at it ourselves and I can attest that it does take some getting used to. Regardless of skill level, it was actually so much fun and definitely worth trying at least once in your life!

We recommend renting with Xtreme Watersports Grand Bend as they’ve been a major watersports operator in Grand Bend for over two decades and have a solid track record of satisfied customers.

Rest assured that flyboard rentals will come with an instructor who will teach you how to maneuver the board so that you can find yourself meters above the water, diving in and out of the water like a dolphin.

4. Skydive Grand Bend

Two people skydiving, another extreme sport at Grand Bend

Very few experiences can beat the thrill of jumping out of a plane, 8000 feet in the air. For adrenaline seekers, skydiving is the perfect antidote to a lazy day at the beach.

At Skydive Grand Bend you will experience the amazing commitment of your instructors to ensuring that you are well-prepared, trained and confident to make your jump.

Divers consistently attest to the professional and friendly service of the staff, and the high degree of comfort and confidence they felt when making their jump.

Opposed to tandem jumps that many schools offer for first-time skydivers, Skydive Grand Bend takes their commitment to your experience one step further by training you to jump solo – your very first time!

5. Grand Bend Motorplex

One of the most unique attractions in Grand Bend has got to be Grand Bend Motorplex. If the growling sound of an engine gets you going, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to check this place out on a race day.

The Grand Bend Motorplex is no small-town track. It is home to Ontario’s largest drag racing events as well as raceway events for cars, motorbikes and go-karts. Attracting racers from around the province, this track is well used and certainly offers an exciting night out during your stay in Grand Bend.

6. Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre

Step back in time for a memorable outing to Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre, just outside of Grand Bend.

Open from May-October, Starlight Drive-In shows classic movies at an affordable price, making it an easy, fun, and exciting ‘win’ for the whole family! Craving that movie popcorn? No worries there either, as they sell your favourite movie snacks and refreshments, too.

With only a handful of drive-in movie theatres left in southwestern Ontario, Starlight is a must-do evening outing for all ages.

7. Play a Round of Golf

Woman playing golf

Whether you’re at the beach with your favourite buddies, or spending some good quality family time with the in-laws, throwing in a round of golf is always a great addition to a summer weekend out of town.

In Grand Bend, the Oakwood Resort Golf Course offers an 18 hole, par 70 course, situated on a beautiful beachside property. Located right in the town of Grand Bend, Oakwood Resort also offers a luxurious hotel and dining experience and the popular Lakeside Spa (for the non-golfers in the group).

Book a Stay at Oakwood Resort

8. Putt Around at Grand Bend Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a good round of mini golf to kill some time by the beach? For a super fun outdoor course, get ready to tee off at Grand Bend Mini Golf, conveniently located right on the busy main street, just steps from the shore.

Grand Bend Mini Golf is very affordable, costing about $8 per person, and it has consistently excellent customer reviews.

Free Things to Do in Grand Bend

If you prefer to travel on a budget then you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of ways to enjoy your trip to Grand Bend Beach without spending extra cash.

9. Watch the Sunset

Grand Bend Beach sunset from the Observation Deck

Plain and simple, Grand Bend Sunsets are absolutely spectacular. With its wide, west-facing shoreline, you get the perfect view of the setting sun no matter the season.

While you can’t go wrong catching the view anywhere along the beach, two of the best spots to view the sunset are at the lighthouse and from the elevated observation deck.

Watching the sunset at Grand Bend is definitely a must-do activity, and of course, it’s completely free.

If you love sunsets on Ontario’s West Coast, you’ll also love Goderich Beach (30 minutes north of Grand Bend) and Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay.

10. Walk the Grand Bend Pier & Lighthouse

Grand Bend Lighthouse Pier

The Grand Bend pier and lighthouse is located at the end of the main beach area, at the mouth of the Parkhill Creek. The lighthouse is always a favourite for photos, especially as it happens to be one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

Lots of people enjoy walking out on the pier to watch the waves crash up against the cement foundation, and to catch a special view of the sun behind the lighthouse.

Note: Because there is no railing along the pier, be very cautious as the waters are deep and vicious, and are not at all worth testing.

11. Walk the Grand Bend Main Strip

Shops along the Grand Bend Strip

The Grand Bend Main Strip (or Main Street) is really what makes Grand Bend the hopping beach town that it is.

Sure, the beach is amazing on its own, but in our opinion, the busy and bustling core that surrounds it is what gives it that vibrant, energized atmosphere that screams “its summer and we are here for a good time!”

At just over half a kilometer long, the Grand Bend main street is lined with popular shops, restaurants, attractions, adventure companies, and nightlife venues. In the heat of summer, the streets and sidewalks are packed, and parking is definitely hard to come by.

Tip: While the main street is hard to miss on your way to the beach, you may want to try to avoid it by car, as the traffic can be very slow moving. Consider taking some side residential streets to skirt around this busy road to get to beachfront parking (more on parking later).

12. Go Fishing

Pier Fishing in Grand Bend

There are lots of ways to go fishing in Grand Bend. Here’s your top options:

Charter Fishing

If you’re ready to take your fishing experience to a new level of excitement, we highly recommend booking a Fishing Charter out of Grand Bend or its surrounding communities.

There are 4 highly rated Fishing Charter companies in and around Grand Bend that we recommend: Grand Bend Fishing Charters, Port Frank Charters, Blue Line Fishing Charters, and Copper Blues Fishing.

Each one of these companies has numerous and consistent 5-star reviews, and guests of each company boast of the professional, caring approach of the captains and guides of each charter.

Many share stories of the captains helping to fillet and clean their catch, provide recipes, and even pair up with restaurants that will prepare your catch for an evening dinner.

Common species to catch in the open waters of Lake Huron are Walleye/Pickerel, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, bass, King (Chinook) Salmon, and Coho Salmon.

Tip: The April-October Charter Fishing season books up fast! Consider booking up to a year in advance for maximum availability.

Grand Bend Fishing Charters

Passionate and knowledgeable father-son team, Rob and Ryan, offer an excellent charter fishing experience, perfect for the whole family (even kids).

Their well-stocked boat with top-quality equipment perfectly compliments their friendly and fun approach, making for a highly memorable day for all.

Port Franks Charters

With four decades of experience fishing off the shores of southern Lake Huron, Captain Pete’s chartered fishing tours are a great way to experience Ontario’s Blue Coast.

They supply the boat and gear, packaging and cooler to use to take home your catch, and you show up for the fun.

Blue Line Fishing Charters

With departures out of Grand Bend and Port Franks, Blue Line Fishing Charters offers over 35 years of fishing experience on the Great Lakes.

Captain Fred is professional, experienced and very friendly, aiming to serve his guests with a well-equipped boat and invaluable insight and expertise.

Copper Blues Fishing

Captain Dave offers professional, knowledgeable, and patient care to all his guests. His well-equipped boat and helpful insight help you to feel well-prepared and relaxed during the entire excursion.

Located in Kettle Point, just 20 minutes from Grand Bend.

Tip: We suggest taking Gravol before you board the boat so you have the best experience, especially if you are prone to nausea. Waiting until you are feeling sick is often too late!

Shore Fishing on the Grand Bend Pier Fishing

Fishing can also be cheap and simple: bring your rods, buy some bait, and cast your lines off a dock or off the shore. Fishing off of the Grand Bend pier (lighthouse) is a perfect spot for this kind of fishing.

Casting in the Old Ausable Channel (running through Grand Bend and Pinery Provincial Park) is another great option, especially if you prefer to fish by canoe.

Note: If you’re 18 years old or older, you must have a fishing license to fish in Ontario. If you don’t have a seasonal license, you can purchase a one-day sport fishing license. Read more on the Ontario provincial website.

13. Grand Bend Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market. Grand Bend has a great farmer's market during summer

Adding in a trip to a local farmer’s market is always a fun way to see the local culture of a new place. For visitors to Grand Bend between late May and early October, consider spending a few hours roaming around the Grand Bend Farmer’s Market.

The market is currently scheduled to run Wednesday mornings from 8am-1pm at the Lambton Heritage Museum, located just outside of Pinery Provincial Park.

The farmer’s market is the perfect place to pick up fresh-grown veggies and fruits, and locally sourced meats, maple syrup, honey, beers, and of course freshly made treats.

Lots of local artisans also use the market to sell their unique handmade products and crafts, which makes shopping local and eco-friendly all the more enjoyable.

14. Pinery Market

Outdoor Market like the Pinery Market in Grand Bend

Consider spending the day roaming around at the Pinery Market, open Sundays from 9am-4pm between May-October.

The Pinery Market is a well-rounded combination of antique flea market and farmer’s market. Vendors include local (antique) pickers, producers, farmers and artisans, as well as local coffee roasters and restaurants selling hot foods.

Admission is $2 and parking is free at the market venue along Lakeshore Road.

Tip: If you’re a fan of markets, be sure to check out the many farm markets in London, located just an hour east of Grand Bend.

15. Lavender Hives Farm

Lavender Fields like you will find just 10 minutes outside of Grand Bend at Lavender Hives

Located on Goosemarsh Line between Grand Bend and Port Franks is a quaint little lavender farm and apiary called Lavender Hives. On most weekends between June and September the farm is open to the public to see the blooming lavender and shop for some fresh honey and lavender products.

Take time to walk peacefully through the labyrinth of lavender bushes or just sit and take in the sites and smells of the purple fields.

Lavender Hives is completely free to visit and the blooming lavender makes this an incredible spot for a photoshoot!

16. Hike the Lambton Shores Nature Trails

Hiking in Pinery Provincial Park

The forested sand dunes and river areas running along Lambton Shores (the municipality along Lake Huron’s coast between the towns of Forest and Grand Bend) are home to a unique set of hiking trails.

We recommend referring to the Lambton Shores Nature Trail Blazers website for detailed guides and maps of each trail option.

Most of these trails will require driving outside of Grand Bend into neighbouring communities. For a fun walk accessible within the town of Grand Bend, consider hitting the Grand Bend Rotary Nature Trail (keep reading below!).

Note: Remember to always do a quick check for ticks after hiking in Southern Ontario.

17. Walk or Bike the Grand Bend Rotary Nature Trail

Pick your transportation mode of choice and hit the Grand Bend Rotary Trail.

This awesome connector trail runs parallel to Highway 21/Lakeshore Road for 9 km, all the way from Grand Bend to the entrance of Pinery Provincial Park. It’s the perfect means for active visitors to check out both locations – completely car-free.

The Grand Bend Rotary Trail is fully paved and is mostly flat, meaning it’s incredibly accessible for people of all fitness levels. It can be accessed from anywhere along the stretch of highway between both The Pinery and Grand Bend.

If you’re staying in The Pinery and want to rent bikes, you can do so at The Pinery Park Store.

18. Take In a Free Concert

Summer Sunset Sounds free concert at Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend’s beachfront concert stage is home to the Summer Sunset Sounds concert series each summer. If you are in town during a concert night, definitely swing by the stage (right by the lookout platform at the main beach) to enjoy the lively summer vibes of the music and crowd.

Thanks to the generous donation of local business sponsors, the Summer Sunset Sounds concerts are completely free to the public.

We happened to visit in 2021 during one of the summer concerts and have to say that enjoying live music while watching the spectacular sunset was such a treat and made our evening that much more memorable.

Things to Do at Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park is located just 10 minutes from Grand Bend, and is a popular Ontario Parks camping destination all year round.

With over 10 km of Lake Huron shoreline for swimming, 10 different hiking trails, an extensive bike path, fantastic cross-country ski trails, and a beautiful water channel, there are plenty of activities to do in The Pinery to keep you busy.

19. Camp at Pinery Provincial Park

Our campsite when camping at Pinery Provincial Park

The Pinery’s assortment of campsites is huge. There are seemingly endless campsites, and yet many (though not all) of the sites feel surprisingly spacious and private.

We had the chance to tent camp at The Pinery over Labour Day weekend, and while it was certainly busy, we also had a good, quiet night’s sleep and felt no evidence of any possibly partying neighbours.

Car & RV Camping

For camping sites that are car and RV friendly, check out the following campgrounds within the Pinery.

Riverside Campground

Riverside Campground has a variety of sites, including those for tent (car) camping and pull-through (RV) camping. There are electrical and non-electrical sites, toilet stations, comfort stations, drinking water taps, laundry facilities.

We stayed at Riverside Campground and liked that it was a short walk to the Park Store (and ice cream shop!) and the Canoe and Bike Rental station.

One downside is that Riverside is the furthest campground from the beach, but the bike path creates a shortcut to Dunes Beach.

Note: One section of Riverside Campground is open year-round. For visitors looking to camp past Labour Day, this is the only location within The Pinery open for camping between September-May.

Our campsite at Pinery Provincial Park's Riverside Campground

Burley Campground

Burley Campground is located right next to Burley Beach along the Lake Huron shore. Camp sites at Burley are designed for tent (car) camping and do not offer electrical service.

Dunes Campground

Dunes Campground is very close to Dunes Beach and offers a variety of sites for both tent (car) camping and pull-through (RV) camping. There are electrical and non-electrical sites. Dunes Campground is closest to the Visitor’s Centre, amphitheater, and the Friends of Pinery Nature Store.

Group Camping

There are 10 group campsites within the day use area of The Pinery. They are all within a short walking distance to the beach and washroom facilities (with running water!).

Roofed Accommodations

Small groups or families, or those with conditions that make sleeping on the ground less appealing, might find the Pinery’s cabin or yurts to be the perfect way to get the excitement of camping without the hassle of tent camping.

Cabin and Yurt rentals are available year-round and are located in the Riverside Campground.

Cabin Rental

The Pinery has one cabin available for booking. It sleeps up to 5 people, and offers the convenience of a small kitchenette (with appliances), indoor and outdoor tables, BBQ and firepit, and an indoor fireplace.

Yurt Rentals

With similar comfortable amenities to the park cabin, soft-shelter yurts sleep 5-6 people. The Pinery offers 12 regular yurts and one deluxe yurt.

Note: For more information on what each campground and shelter option entails, visit the Pinery website.

20. Enjoy the Day Use Area in Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park Hiking Trail

A great alternate to camping at The Pinery is to purchase a day pass to access the recreational activities and beachfront at the park. The park is divided into a day use area and overnight area, so while some of the park is off-limits for day pass holders, much of it remains fully accessible.

Hiking & Biking Trails at Pinery Provincial Park

There are 10 hiking trails within the park, each ranging in length from 0.8 km to 3 km. About half of these trails are in the day use area.

The trails offer a great opportunity to see the flora and fauna of the park, including over 300 species of birds (whoa!) and other wildlife that thrive in the unique ecosystems of The Pinery’s sand dunes.

A 14-km long bike path (Savannah Trail) also runs throughout the park, weaving in and out of forests and along the park roads. The trail includes both paved and unpaved sections.

Bicycle rentals are available right next to the Park Store.

Water Sports on the Old Ausable Channel

The beautiful Old Ausable Channel not only plays a role of environmental significance, but it also offers a fun place to get out on the water without having to contend with the waves at the lake!

Old Ausable Channel in the Pinery, where you can rent the canoes and kayaks you see here.

Water Sport equipment rentals are available right next to the Park Store, adjacent to the dock at the Old Ausable Channel. Rental equipment includes canoes, Corcls, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), and single and double kayaks. Motorized boats are not allowed on the water.

Visitors looking to fish can cast in almost anywhere along the channel. Remember that an Ontario fishing license is required to legally fish even within the park.

Beach Swimming

About half of the 10 km long shoreline falls within in the park’s day use area. Parking lots and comfort stations are plentiful by the water.

Keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on park beaches, so pay attention to the wave conditions and swim at your own risk.

Darren walking along the Pinery Provincial Park Beach Access

Discovery Program

The best opportunity to make the most of your outdoor experience at The Pinery is to check out the park’s extensive Discovery Program.

You can take part in guided hikes and bike outings with a park naturalist, kids can participate in youth programming, and curious visitors can learn about the many species living in the Old Ausable Channel.

Things to Do in Grand Bend on a Rainy Day

A rainy day at the beach doesn’t have to put a damper on your vacation. With these next few items on our list of things to do in Grand Bend, you’ll be as happy as the kids puddle jumping outside.

21. Relax at Lakeside Spa

If you ever needed an excuse to go to the spa, a rainy day at Grand Bend is a good one.

Located within the popular Oakwood Resort, Lakeside Spa offers fantastic massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Choose from a variety of specialty, signature, and aromatherapy options to make your spa day catered uniquely to you.

Lakeside has consistently positive reviews of professional and friendly service, and we are confident that you will enjoy your day here. After your treatment, head back to the beach feeling relaxed and restored, just like you should when on vacation.

22. Lambton Heritage Museum

Local history buffs will enjoy a trip to the Lambton Heritage Museum, where the rich history of Lambton County is preserved and studied.

The museum houses over 35,000 artifacts and photographs, and has recently expanded to include the acquisition of the nearly 200 year old Canatara Cabin. The cabin is being rebuilt and restored after moving from its former location, becoming the sixth historic building featured at the museum.

Current museum admission prices are $5 for adults, $3 for kids (over 3 years old), $4 for seniors, or $15 per family. Hours are 11am-4pm Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and 11am-8:30pm on Thursdays.

23. Hunt for Antiques

Antiques like you can find at the antique markets in Grand Bend

On the lookout for that perfect antique to take centre stage on your dining room table? Or maybe you just like a good bargain hunt through one-of-a-kind items that are so typical to find in small-town Ontario.

No matter your motive, hunting for antiques can be a lot of fun, and rewarding, too!

In Grand Bend, one place sticks out from the rest when it comes to antique shopping: Dale’s Antiques and Mennonite Furniture.

Their chic wooden cabin containing endless bargains and unique finds is a delight to explore and will keep you occupied for hours. They also sell amazing, top of the line Mennonite furniture to help you turn your home into a rustic paradise, all while supporting local, sustainable businesses.

Tip: Do you love hunting for vintage items? Check out Toronto’s best vintage thrift shops for incredible deals on one-of-a-kind items.

24. Huron County Playhouse

Catch a show at Huron County Playhouse and see local live performance theatre at its finest. Just 5 minutes from downtown Grand Bend, this theatre has two playhouses (650-seat and 300-seat) built within a beautiful, rustic building on expansive country grounds.

Attracting spectators from around the province, productions at the Huron County Playhouse are top-notch and do not disappoint.

Things to Do Near Grand Bend

One of our favourite things to do wherever we go is to drive around the area and see the surrounding sites. When it comes to Grand Bend, you literally have hours and hours of Lake Huron shoreline (also called the Blue Coast) and surrounding communities to explore.

25. Day Trip to Sarnia

You can explore Ontario’s West Coast by driving along Lakeshore Road for about an hour south to Sarnia. On your way, we recommend checking out some of these best sites:

– Grog’s Pub and Grill (along Hwy 21/Lakeshore Road outside of Port Franks)
Ipperwash Beach
– Canatara Beach and Park
– Sarnia’s Waterfront Park (at the Blue Water Bridge to the USA)

26. Day Trip to Bayfield & Goderich

The rock beach in Bayfield Ontario

In the opposite direction of Sarnia you will find two picturesque Ontario small towns along the coast: Bayfield and Goderich. Both are well worth the visit and can be reached in under an hour.

Queen Elizabeth II named Goderich the “prettiest town in Canada” which sums up the town quite nicely.

On your day trip to Goderich and Bayfield, consider checking out these sites and activities:

– Hessenland Inn & Shantz Winery
– Town of Bayfield (excellent for boutique shopping)
– Bayfield Berry Farm
– Town of Goderich (shop in the historic downtown)
– Relax on one of Goderich’s beautiful beaches
– Walk the scenic Goderich Waterfront Boardwalk from Goderich Main Beach to Rotary Cove Beach
– Walk the Menesetung Bridge in Goderich

27. Take a Wine Tour

Grapes at a vineyard. Wine Tasting is one of the best things to do near Grand Bend Ontario.

Looking for an adults-only thing to do near Grand Bend? Head to a local winery to relax with a glass of locally made wine.

There are a few fantastic vineyards to visit near Grand Bend that we recommend:

✔️Dark Horse Estate Winery

Located just 5 minutes from Grand Bend, right next to the Huron County Playhouse, Dark Horse Estate Winery is a spectacular site to see. The winery’s bold, confident presence in the midst of neighbouring vineyards and fields oozes a sense of luxury and class.

Its modern, state-of-the-art conference and event space and outdoor patio pair perfectly with its identity as Huron County’s first fully operating estate winery. Enjoy wine tasting and food pairing while watching the breath-taking sunsets across the fields.

✔️Schatz Winery at Hessenland Inn

Shantz Winery and Hessenland Inn are the perfect relaxing addition to your vacation in Grand Bend. Functioning as a luxurious boutique inn, winery, restaurant and event space only 10 minutes from Grand Bend, Hessenland is a stop worth making on your local wine tour.

We especially love how they offer unique experiences for guests, including a “wine and dine” experience out in the vineyard, and a “vineyard exploration experience” where couples can enjoy wine tasting and bring their kids along for a scavenger hunt through the vineyard and gardens.

✔️Alton Farms Estate Winery

Alton Farms Estate Winery has an inviting, friendly atmosphere where guests can experience and taste authentic, hand-crafted wines in a small-scale winery.

Set on a beautiful vineyard surrounded by farmland just 30 minutes from Grand Bend, you can enjoy wine tasting and food on the outdoor patio, and shop their selection of wines and wine vinegars in store.

Check the Alton Farms website to check for seasonal hours.

✔️Shale Ridge Estate Winery & Cidery

Set 20 minutes south of Grand Bend is the beautiful site of Shale Ridge Estate Winery and Cidery. Offering a spacious country backdrop to enjoy while tasting their hand made wines and ciders, there is no reason not to relax here.

We also love how they use their beautiful grounds to host special events, like trail rides and alpaca walks, holiday markets and live entertainment.

28. Raise a Pint at a Local Brewery

Flight of beer. Brewery Tour is one of the best things to do in Grand Bend Ontario

Lambton County is not only known for wineries, but also for breweries. Here are a few local breweries to stop at.

✔️Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company

Sip on a refreshing brew at Grand Bend’s first and only craft brewery, Brewster’s Mill Brewing Company, located right on Grand Bend’s main strip!

Enjoy your drink on site or pick up a pack as a souvenir to enjoy later. Either way, feel good knowing you’re supporting a local business that believes in sustainable, local production, without compromising taste.

✔️Bad Apple Brewing Company

Located just 10 minutes north of Grand Bend along Highway 21 is Bad Apple Brewing Craft Brewery.

Growing their own fruit on site for some of their brews, and offering a wide open beer garden perfect for refreshing after a long day at the beach, Bad Apple Brewery is worth the short drive from Grand Bend.

Get a real country feel in their converted century barn turned tap house and brewery.

29. Visit a Cidery

Apples on a tree like you will find on a cider tour near Grand Bend.

 ✔️Twin Pines Orchards and Cider House

Looking for a fun place to retreat for a refreshingly cold drink that you can actually feel good about having?

Come visit the family farm of Twin Pines Orchards and Cider House just 20 minutes south of Grand Bend, where the fruit you see growing around you is as beautiful as the cider is delicious. Enjoy a fresh pint in their Tasting Bar and shop around for some fun flavours to take home!

What we love most about Twin Pines is that they practice Integrated Pest Management, meaning they use as little pesticides as possible by only using on an as-needed basis.

They also grow and sell a variety of pesticide and herbicide-free fruits and vegetables that you can purchase in their cute country store!

They even offer their very own non-alcoholic ciders and apple wines!

30. Rock Glen Falls

Rock Glen Falls in Arkona is one of the best day trips from Grand Bend.

One of southwestern Ontario’s most beloved waterfalls and best kept secrets is Rock Glen Falls in Arkona, just half an hour from Grand Bend.

In addition to the beautiful 10.7 meter tall waterfall that visitors can enjoy up close, Rock Glen Conservation Area is rich with Devonian Era fossils and First Nations artifacts, and is an enjoyable outing for the whole family.

We’ve written a whole post on planning a day trip to Rock Glen Falls so you know just what to expect!

31. Ausable River Cut Conservation Area

One of the most popular and unique hiking spots close to Grand Bend is the Ausable River Cut Conservation Area, a mere 10 minute drive away.

With sand dunes, lightly forested areas and Ontario’s unique Carolinian forest, Ausable River Cut is a great place to go for short and moderate length hikes close to Grand Bend.

Trails take you along the Ausable River, offering great views and excellent spots to stop for a picnic. If you’re up for a real adventure, put in your kayaks or canoes in the conservation area and make your way towards either Grand Bend or Port Franks for the day.

The trails at Ausable River Cut Conservation Area range from easy (accessible paved trail) to moderate and difficult trails, and range in length from 0.5-2km long. There is also an accessible lookout platform over the river, a Children’s Story Walk trail, and public washrooms on site.

Where to Stay in Grand Bend, Ontario

Being a beach town and popular tourist destination, Grand Bend boasts a plethora of cottages and rentals close to the shore, as well as a number of inns, motels and a few luxurious hotels.

✔️Best Upscale Hotel: Colonial Hotel
Newly-renovated, modern suites in a boutique hotel in the heart of Grand Bend.
✔️Best Budget-Friendly Hotel: Amber Hotel
Newly-renovated, modern rooms only a 20 minute walk from the beach.

Many visitors also choose to camp at the Pinery Provincial Park given its proximity, which is what we did during our recent trip to Grand Bend.

Grand Bend Restaurants

There are many dining options for all budgets and preferences in Grand Bend, most of which can be found on the main strip leading to the beach. To help simplify your decision making, consider checking out one of these popular and well-loved restaurants:

✔️Midori Sushi Bar and Restaurant
Specializing in sushi, stir frys, salads, and unique turkey burger, Midori Sushi Bar and Restaurant is an upscale Asian fusion restaurant in the town.

✔️The Lake Hound
A favourite restaurant for many regulars, The Lake Hound is family-owned and values using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to make their very popular pub food.

✔️F.I.N.E. a Restaurant
One of the most well-loved casual fine dining restaurants in Grand Bend, F.I.N.E a Restaurant offers a classy dining experience and their Red Seal Chefs bring regional cuisine with a real flare!

✔️Manila Cuisine
Satisfy your cravings for Asian food in a new and exciting way as you check out Manila Cuisine, a small, hidden gem of a restaurant with fantastic cuisine will have you coming back for more!

✔️The Tipsy Pelican
Looking for a hopping outdoor patio right by the water? The Tipsy Pelican is your ideal bar restaurant for your summer day at the beach, with its large patio and funky beach-décor.

The Tipsy Pelican is one of the top restaurants at Grand Bend Beach
The Tipsy Pelican

Grand Bend Parking

There are three main types of parking locations throughout the town of Grand Bend: paid parking lots, street parking, and free parking spots.

Paid Parking Lots
Main Beach Lot, Mid Town Lot, North Beach Lot, and Huron Street Parking Lot charge $4-$5 per hour, or $20-$25 for the day.

Street Parking
Main Street and River Road offer hourly parking at the rate of $3/hour (for a max of 2 hours) during beach season (May 15 – September 15). These roads can be very busy in season and may not prove to be the best option.

Free Parking Spots
While we haven’t checked out all of the free parking spots in Grand Bend ourselves, we have done our research and can tell you that there should be a free parking in the following general areas:

  • Municipal Road (near the Legion hall)
  • Gill Road
  • Ontario Street

There are likely other streets like this that are a bit removed from the busy Main Street of Grand Bend that you are likely to stumble upon if you drive around long enough.

We found that anything close to the beach (where there are a lot of cottages) did not offer free parking so we suggest looking east of Ontario Street (Hwy 21).

View of the town from the Observation Tower on Grand Bend Beach.

Grand Bend Beach Rules

When visiting public beaches its always wise to know what you can and cannot do, so here’s a few rules to be aware of when visiting Grand Bend Beach.

Are dogs allowed on Grand Bend Main Beach?

Dogs are not allowed on the Grand Bend Main Beach at any time during the beach season (beginning of May to end of September). Leashed dogs can be walked on the North and South Beach from May-September between the hours of 6-8am and 8-11pm, daily. Dogs are not permitted on the beach at all other times.

There are, however, lots of other great dog-friendly beaches along Lake Huron that you can drive to from Grand Bend.

Is smoking or drinking allowed on Grand Bend Main Beach?

Smoking, vaping, and alcohol are not allowed on the beach. Glass bottles are also prohibited.

Are BBQs or fires allowed on the beach?

No, fires and BBQs are not permitted on the beach.

Sunset at Grand Bend Beach taken from the top of the Observation Tower.

Wrap Up: Grand Bend Beach

Grand Bend Beach is one of the best beach towns in all of Ontario, with so much to do during your vacation. From shopping along the Grand Bend Strip to taking part in extreme sports, you can rest assured that a trip to this beach is anything but boring.

And you’re up for an outdoor land adventure, consider combining your visit to Grand Bend with a day trip or overnight stay at Pinery Provincial Park.

Finally, if you’re visiting Lambton County from a considerable distance away, be sure to check out lots of the local attractions a short drive away from the beach before heading back home for your next adventure.