17 Best Cafes in London Ontario (Coffee Shops + Light Eats)


If you’re looking for the best cafes in London Ontario, you’ve come to the right place.

As locals to London, we’ve scouted out lots of nooks and crannies of this city – including many great cafes and coffee shops. There are some amazing restaurants in this city that are well worth the visit, not the least of which is London’s cafes.

We know that when it comes to finding your go-to spot for coffee dates or your favourite cafe for studying, there’s no messing around. Finding the perfect cafe for your personality, taste buds and work habits is serious business!

So, coffee-lover. Tea connoisseur. Hard-working student looking for a quiet table and a good coffee. This list of the most beloved cafes and coffee shops in London Ontario is for you!

Best Cafes in London Ontario

From downtown London to the surrounding neighbourhoods of the city, here’s our list of the top restaurants serving great coffee and delicious cafe meals. Be sure to check out the map below the list to find the best one in your part of town!

1. Asmara Coffee House

Asmara Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops in London Ontario

4.9/5 on Google Reviews

Perhaps the most beloved coffee shop for coffee aficionados in London is Asmara Coffee House. Located just east of downtown, Asmara serves high quality organic coffee from East Africa.

One of their signature features is that they don’t have WiFi, instead encouraging customers to interact with one another in good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.

The owner is often behind the bar making drinks and chatting with regulars, creating an intimate atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more.

Go to Asmara Coffee House for: high quality coffee with a social atmosphere

2. Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

Black Walnut Bakery Café is one of the best cafes in London Ontario

⭐4.6/5 on Google Reviews

One of London’s longtime favourite bakeries and coffee shops is the Black Walnut Bakery Café. With two locations – one on Richmond Row and one in Wortley Village – Black Walnut has been a family-run business in the city for over 10 years.

They are known for their delicious homemade baked goods, made entirely onsite, as well as their cozy dining atmosphere. In addition to their freshly made treats, they serve locally roasted, organic fair-trade coffee.

Black Walnut claims to be the only bakery café in London to offer an entirely from-scratch, in house menu using quality ingredients.

Go to Black Walnut Bakery Café for: incredible baked goods and locally-roasted coffee.

3. Fire Roasted Coffee Company

⭐4.5/5 on Google Reviews

Fire Roasted Coffee Company is a well-known specialty coffee roaster located in London.

With two locations – one on Dundas Street just east of Adelaide, and one inside the Western Fair Market – they serve up ethically and sustainably-sourced single origin coffees, plus popular espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

If you’re looking for an authentic cup of coffee, freshly roasted daily, Fire Roasted has you covered.

Go to Fire Roasted Coffee for: the perfect cup of ethically-sourced coffee at the Western Fair Market

4. Locomotive Espresso

Locomotive Espresso is one of the best coffee shops in London Ontario

⭐4.5/5 on Google Reviews

Locomotive Espresso is a London favourite coffee shop, with two locations – one in Old South and one on Pall Mall Street.

With a modern urban atmosphere, both locations feature an outside patio for summer days and a great indoor social atmosphere. They serve up strong coffee and sweet baked goods made by Helmbaked, as well as fresh breakfast and lunch items.

Go to Locomotive Espresso for: satisfying barista-brewed drinks and summer patios

5. Sidetrack: A Wortley Cafe

⭐4.6/5 on Google Reviews

Our new favourite place to grab some strong coffee in London is Wortley Village’s Sidetrack Cafe.

This funky spot features delicious menu items, including your favourite espresso drinks and even some never-seen-before menu items unique to this cafe.

One such drink that we’ve tried personally is the Iced Pistachio Latte. In all honesty, this drink was incredible. Genious, really.

Sidetrack Cafe isn’t known for being a sit-down cafe, unless you wish to take a seat outside at their patio tables and chairs along Wortley Road. Their creative order window was created during the pandemic and has stuck around since.

If you find yourself walking through Wortley Village and looking for a refreshing pick-me-up, we highly recommend getting a little sidetracked at Sidetrack.

Go to Sidetrack: A Wortley Cafe for: funky drinks in London’s most friendly neighbourhood

6. 10Eighteen

⭐4.6/5 on Google Reviews

10Eighteen is a popular café located in Old East Village (OEV). It’s an independently-owned business that specializes in hand-crafted pour-over coffee and espresso drinks.

They also have a delicious menu of light meals and snacks, and even serve craft beers and wines. The chic café has a modern atmosphere and its menu is made in-house with Ontario-sourced ingredients.

Go to 10Eighteen for: laid-back atmosphere and quality craft beverages

7. London Bicycle Cafe

London Bicycle Cafe in London Ontario

⭐4.7/5 on Google Reviews

The London Bicycle Cafe is located just south of the Fork of the Thames and Ivey Park.

It’s newly opened location offers something totally unique to the London cafe scene, combining bike sales and repairs with community and great coffee.

Go to London Bicycle Cafe for: browsing bikes or just having a great cup of coffee

8. La Noisette

⭐4.7/5 on Google Reviews

La Noisette is the perfect spot for a delicious from-scratch baked breakfast or lunch. Their bakery is stocked fresh daily with to-die-for breads, bagels, pastries and more. The even have select gluten-free items available on Fridays.

La Noisette has both dine-in seating and an online storefront.

Go to La Noisette for: delectable desserts and carbolicious meals

9. Plant Matter Kitchen

Plant Matter Kitchen Vegan Restaurant Cafe in London Ontario

⭐4.6/5 on Google Reviews

Plant Matter Kitchen, or simply PMK, is a Wortley Village favourite vegan cafe and restaurant. They create healthy, delicious and environmentally-friendly dishes full of flavour.

PMK uses only organic, whole food ingredients with no additives, chemicals or processing.

From classic dishes to globally-inspired plates to delicious coffee and craft brews, Plant Matter Kitchen is a must-visit restaurant and cafe in London’s Old South.

Go to Plant Matter Kitchen for: fine vegan fare and a social atmosphere

10. CommonWealth Coffee Co.

⭐4.2/5 on Google Reviews

CommonWealth Coffee Co. is a trendy coffee shop in downtown London, located at Richmond Street and Dufferin Ave.

They serve up nitro coffee all the classic espresso drinks, as well as some of their own specialties. They’re also home to Boxcar Donuts, London’s only completely handmade artisanal donut shop.

Go to CommonWealth for: delicious specialty coffee and the best homemade donuts in London

11. Rebel Remedy Health Bar

⭐4.7/5 on Google Reviews

Located on Dundas Street near Central Library, Rebel Remedy Health Bar is one of London’s top go-to spots for health food fare. The cafe serves up delicious espresso beverages, cold-pressed juices, kombucha and all kinds of healthy snacks and treats.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different than the usual or are trying to stick to your diet goals, Rebel Remedy is the place to go.

Go to Rebel Remedy Health Bar for: health-conscious items and delicious treats.

12. Saga Board Games & Coffee

Saga Board Game Cafe London Ontario

⭐4.7/5 on Google Reviews

Saga Board Games & Coffee is a great spot for an interactive date night or group game play in downtown London.

They serve amazing espresso drinks, bar drinks and light meals, but their signature feature is their impressive selection of board games available to play while you hang out with your friends.

Saga is a great place to go for an interesting date night or simply a change from the usual coffee shop experience.

Go to Saga Board Games & Coffee for: a fun and interactive game night with your friends

13. Reset Social Cafe

Reset Social Cafe in downtown London Ontario

⭐4.5/5 on Google Reviews

Reset Social Cafe is a downtown London cafe that loves to keep “social” at the forefront.

They roast their own coffee beans and serve up delicious espresso drinks, smoothies, fresh-pressed juices and more. There’s food too – from healthy snacks to full meals. They also serve up bar drinks and are open into the early evening.

Reset Social Cafe is a vibrant and welcoming place to hang out, meet new people and enjoy great coffee.

Go to Reset Social Cafe for: a social cafe experience in the heart of London

14. Happiness

Happiness is a popular bakery cafe in London Ontario

⭐4.5/5 on Google Reviews

If “happiness” was a store, this would truly be it! Happiness in downtown London is a family-owned and run cafe that makes all their own delectable pastries, desserts and meals.

They serve up high quality espresso drinks and a plethora of specialty European sweets – from French macarons to beautiful mousse cakes, and more.

The atmosphere is vibrant, cozy and welcoming – Happiness is truly a unique spot that you won’t want to miss! They also have a second storefront in Masonville Mall.

Go to Happiness for: delicious, handmade European treats and a warm atmosphere

15. The Bag Lady

⭐4.6/5 on Google Reviews

The Bag Lady is a central London eatery and cafe that offers something a little different from most other spots in the area.

The Bag Lady serves up unique, homemade all-day breakfast dishes made with fresh ingredients. They also have a selection of coffee drinks and other beverages to choose from, with dine-in, take out and catering available.

With their intimate and eclectic atmosphere and generous portions, The Bag Lady is sure to be your new go-to for all-day breakfast in London.

Go to The Bag Lady for: unique all-day breakfast dishes and a genuine atmosphere

16. Nova Era Bakery

⭐4.4/5 on Google Reviews

If you’ve ever had a taste of Portuguese baked goods then you already know that Nova Era Bakery in London should be on your bucket-list.

This Portuguese bakery located in the Western Fair District serves up an absolutely mouth-watering selection of pastries and sweets, as well as high quality coffee drinks. They offer dine-in seating, take out and catering.

Nova Era Bakery is a great spot for a pastry indulgence or catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.

Go to Nova Era Bakery for: the finest Portuguese baked goods

17. Edgar and Joe’s

Edgar and Joe's is a popular cafe in London Ontario

⭐4.4/5 on Google Reviews

Edgar and Joe’s is not just any old cafe. This unique restaurant operates with purpose, as it’s a branch of Goodwill Industries and strives to create an inclusive gathering space and community hub in the city.

With two locations – one in the SoHo neighbourhood (in the Goodwill Industries building) and one at the Innovation Works – Edgar and Joe’s serves fresh, from-scratch meals made from locally-sourced food and available at affordable prices.

This spot is perfect for catching up with friends while supporting a social enterprise that’s vital to our community.

Go to Edgar and Joe’s for: supporting a vital community service while enjoying a delicious, affordable meal

Map of the Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in London Ontario

Wrap Up: Best Cafes in London Ontario 

And there you have it! A local’s perspective on the best cafes and coffee shops in London Ontario where you can get a strong cup of coffee and delicious treats, in the perfect restaurant atmosphere to suit your mood.

We hope this inspires your next date night, study session or hang out with friends!

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