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Herb Kebbel Wetland at Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area

We are Erie and Darren, and we are both lifelong Ontario residents and travelers. We are married with one kid (and another on the way in 2024), and have lived in London, Ontario for over a decade.

Darren grew up in Oshawa but spent a lot of his youth traveling around Eastern Ontario. He’s lived with family in Sydenham (close to Kingston) and Toronto, before meeting me (Erie) and settling down in London.

I grew up on a farm in rural Chatham-Kent, and spent nearly every day of that chapter of my life enjoying the country roads and open fields of the Erieau area before moving to London to start university.

I have always had a love for traveling. My first solo (without my family or friends) international trip was to Japan at age 13 for a month-long exchange!

Looking back, my parents were both crazy and incredible for letting me go, and I can’t thank them enough for giving me that gift of travel at a young age. When I faced hard things in life as a teenager, my dad often told me “You went to Japan, you can do anything.” He was right.

After Japan, I embarked on a few more exchanges. One short 4-H exchange to southern Quebec and another ISIC exchange to Germany for three months in high school. During university, I traveled to South Africa twice on my own and continued to hitch a ride wherever my parents were going for more fun and adventure.

After Darren and I got married, we traveled to Costa Rica (twice), Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico, India and Sri Lanka. We had no intention of stopping, except that life got a little crazy after a death in the family, and shortly after that the world shut down due to the pandemic.

Sparing you the details, we finally made peace with the fact that we couldn’t continue to travel internationally until life settled down a bit and we started to learn how to save our money and pay off our house.

Looking to turn a negative into a positive, we thought there was no better time to start really exploring our own province of Ontario.

Where We’ve Been In Ontario

Between the two of us, we’ve managed to travel to most corners of Ontario. Between Darren’s upbringing in Eastern Ontario, mine in Southwestern Ontario, and a whole lot of work travels and pleasure adventures across the province, here’s where we’ve managed to set foot:

Why We Travel Blog

With the extra time on my hands when my job turned fully remote in 2020, I decided to pick up some new skills. Since I was daydreaming of travel all day anyway, I thought “Hey! Why don’t I learn how to become a travel blogger so that we can actually make money from traveling?”

Well, that idea radically changed our lives. I enrolled in (what I will absolutely call) the best travel blogging coaching and training programScale Your Travel Blog (affiliate link) – and began learning the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization, blog writing, affiliate marketing and more.

Our blog is just over three years old, and due to full-time work elsewhere (I work with international post-secondary students) and a very active toddler, I have had to work on it very part time.

Are we your typical travel bloggers? Probably not. We don’t spend the majority of our time on the road, and we need to work full-time elsewhere (for now).

But do we care about delivering the best information to our readers? Absolutely. Do we want to help instill a passion for seeing the best Ontario has to offer? You bet.

With just about 40 blog posts (and many more to come!), we currently bring in about $1000 CAD/month in ad revenue and affiliate marketing. While lots of time, research, travel, and editing goes into each blog post, I can honestly say that blogging is a passion and joy I never knew I had.

Not to mention, the ability to bring in passive income that continues to grow exponentially gives me so much excitement for what our life will look like a few years down the road.

Why do I share all of this? Because if there’s a chance you might be reading this and wondering if you could ever be a blogger, I want to tell you it is absolutely possible. If this is you, don’t hesitate to reach out by email – I’d love to chat!

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Are you interested in becoming a travel blogger and earning some serious remote income? (Believe me, the sky is the limit and I know multiple six figure travel bloggers?) Then email me personally at erie@everywhereontario.com and I would love to share more about my experience with Scale Your Travel Blog (affiliate link) to help you decide if it’s the right fit to get you started.

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