We are Erie & Darren! We are Everywhere Ontario.

Herb Kebbel Wetland at Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area
Erie and Darren at mountains
Erie at mountain lake
Erie and Darren at Himalayas
Everywhere Ontario in Muskokas
Erie and Darren on Riverboat Cruise
Sunset at Wasaga Beach

Who we are

We are Erie and Darren, and we are two everyday people, who love each other and who value living life well. We both live normal lives consisting of work (and school!) and we travel blog on the side.

We are Ontario born-and-raised: Darren in Oshawa, and Erie in Chatham-Kent. We have both lived in different locations in Ontario, and together we have 63 years of combined life and travel experience here! (I know, crazy when you put it that way!)

Why we travel blog

We travel blog because it gives us an excuse to get out and explore! As you can see from our photos, we love to explore more than just our home province. With the state of the world these days (not to mention some conscious decisions to start “adulting” and actually saving our money…) we have found particular interest in exploring hidden treasures in our own backyard of Ontario.

And the best surprise of all?


We have found that the same love for travel comes to us no matter where we find ourselves: whether 5000 kilometers away or just 15 minutes down the road.

Can you relate? Are you ready to start getting out and exploring the wonders of our own Ontario backyard?!

Join our adventures! We can’t wait to show you around!

Contact Us

Want to be in touch? Email us at everywhereontario@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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