Port Stanley Beach: 14 Best Things to Do This Summer (2023)


Looking for the best things to do in Port Stanley Beach this summer? If so, you’re in the right place.

Port Stanley Beach on Lake Erie is among the best beaches in all of Ontario. With a beautifully maintained, wide, sandy beach and the perfect mix of restaurants and shops close by, the summer vibe of this beach town is fun, social and laid-back.

Less busy than the party beaches of Grand Bend and Wasaga Beach, Port Stanley Beach strikes the perfect balance of attracting visitors from all around Southwestern Ontario while also maintaining its small-town identity. And when it comes to finding things to do in Port Stanley, activities are more low-key, low-cost and accessible to all visitors.

Port Stanley Beach is easily our favourite beach in Ontario. As locals of London just 40 minutes away from Port Stanley, we’ve spent countless summer date nights strolling the beach, having a drink at GT’s on the Beach (the best beach bar in the town), and stopping for ice cream on our way back to the city.

If you’re planning a trip to the beach at Port Stanley, let us guide you to all you need to know about this awesome summer destination.

Port Stanley Beach

If you’re the type of person who loves an energetic, bustling beachfront atmosphere, Port Stanley beach might just be your new favourite summer spot.

On a nice summer day, the entire town is packed with visitors. That means the beach can get busy but the sandy shoreline is wide, so there is more than enough room for everyone to lounge, play volleyball, or even throw frisbee.

Port Stanley has two official beaches: Port Stanley Main Beach, and Port Stanley Little Beach. Let’s take a look at what to expect at each one, and what kinds of people might find each most attractive.

Port Stanley Main Beach

Port Stanley Main Beach is where most of the action is at in this beach town. At about half a kilometer long, this wide, sandy shoreline gets pretty crowded on a hot summer day.

But even though it is crowded, the sand runs so far from shore that there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Here, you will find volleyball nets (with drop-in games), kids’ play equipment, benches and gazebos, and of course, the beloved beachfront restaurants, GT’s on the Beach and Mackie’s.

Note: The Main Beach is the most popular beachfront in Port Stanley, and it is the only lifeguarded section of beach.

Port Stanley Main Beach
Port Stanley Main Beach

Year after year, Port Stanley Main Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag Beach status.

This is a designation awarded to beaches in Canada that meet high standards in terms of safety and services, water quality, and environmental education and management. With such high standards, Blue Flag Beaches are a telltale sign of a well-maintained beach.

Currently, the only other Blue Flag Beach along Lake Erie’s North Shore aside from Port Stanley Main Beach is Port Burwell East Beach.

Water Temperature

Of all of the Ontario Great Lakes, Lake Erie tends to have the warmest waters for swimming. It is both the shallowest and furthest south of the five Ontario Great Lakes.

For this reason, Lake Erie’s beach towns tend to see big crowds even in early summer, because the water’s aren’t terribly cold!

Port Stanley Little Beach

Aside from the busy Main Beach, Port Stanley also has the lesser-known Little Beach, where the water is calmer, shallower, and often a bit warmer. Little Beach is a great spot for families with little kids who prefer less of a crowd.

To get to Little Beach from downtown Port Stanley, head towards the water on Main Street instead of heading towards the lift bridge. Little Beach is at the end of Main Street, which is on the other side of the mouth of Kettle Creek than the Main Beach.

Though there could easily be thousands of people in Port Stanley in a day, there’s a good chance Little Beach will be on the radar of only a few, as it’s a considerable (1.5 km) walk from Main Beach.

Port Stanley Little Beach

Best Things to Do In Port Stanley

After many trips to Port Stanley Beach, we have come up with a list of the top things to do in and around the area. Some of our suggestions are popular must-dos, and others are hidden gems we have discovered on our own, sometimes even by accident!

1. Swimming & Sun Bathing

The most popular thing to do in Port Stanley is by far swimming and lounging on the beach. With the wide, sandy shoreline, you can easily find a place to set up your umbrella and beach mats.

Walking on beach is one of the best things to do in Port Stanley Beach

Keep in mind that Port Stanley Main Beach is your busiest and largest beach, and that Little Beach (on the opposite side of Kettle Creek) offers a quieter and shallower beach, more suitable to small children.

Note: Because the beach will be packed on a hot, sunny day, remember to keep your eyes on your valuables, or better yet, plan to leave those at home or in the car.

2. Volleyball on the Beach

Looking for some fun outside the water? Thanks to owners of GT’s on the Beach, restaurant customers can drop in for a game of beach volleyball free of charge (when there’s not already a pre-booked league or tournament). The beach volleyball courts definitely attract a crowd, so consider joining the Port Stanley Volleyball Facebook group to plan ahead!

Beach Volleyball is one of the best outdoor activities in Port Stanley, Ontario

Note: Be sure to check regional restrictions on outdoor sports in advance if you plan on using the nets.

3. Water Sport Rentals

If hitting the waves at the shoreline isn’t enough to to suit your fancy, we recommend getting out on the water for real. Bridgeview Marina is your one-stop-shop for water sport rentals in Port Stanley.

Paddle boarding is one of the best things to do at Port Stanley Beach

Bridgeview Marina rents canoes, kayaks (single and tandem), paddle boats, and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for reasonable hourly costs.

As of 2023, Bridgeview’s rental costs are:
Canoes, Paddle Boats And Tandem Kayaks: $30/hr (+ tax)
Single Kayaks: $25/hr (+ tax)
Stand-Up Paddle Boards: $25/hr (+ tax)

With a beach as busy as Port Stanley, it is unfortunate that (at the time of writing this) there is only one place to rent water sport equipment, and that all rentals are non-motorized. Unfortunately, due to liability costs, other local rental companies were forced to close and jet skis can no longer be rented here.

4. Broderick’s Ice Cream

Broderick’s Ice Cream is the perfect way to cool off after a long day in the sun. After hitting up the beach, we suggest taking a stroll through the town of Port Stanley where you can’t miss Broderick’s (as there’s often a line outside!).

Ice cream a Broderick's is one of the top attractions in Port Stanley, Ontario

When we decided that what was behind the door must obviously worth the wait for so many, we discovered that indeed, we were correct.

With nearly 40 ice cream flavours, sundaes, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, and smoothies, it’s quite likely that Broderick’s will become for you too, a place of fond memories and sweet dreams.

5. Port Stanley Pier & Lighthouse

An easy win for something free and enjoyable to do besides lounge on the beach is to take a stroll along the Port Stanley pier. While you cannot get to the lighthouse itself, the walk on the newly renovated pier is picturesque, offering great views of the Main Beach and of the open waters of Lake Erie.

We particularly enjoyed walking the pier out to the lighthouse with my parents, siblings and little nephews. Since the beaches aren’t a great spot for strollers, we found this was the perfect place to take a nice family walk in Port Stanley.

The pier was closed for 17 years prior to its reopening in 2015, and the renovations that were done are exceptional. It is very well kept and has lots of benches along the way to encourage visitors to soak in the views.

6. Shop the Boutiques

For many, one of the highlights of visiting touristy towns is having the chance to shop for one-of-a-kind, artisan, or local items. Port Stanley has quite a few shops to browse, and most are located on Main Street, Colborne Street, or Bridge Street, which all intersect at the centre of the village.

Boutique Shopping is one of the best things to do in Port Stanley, Ontario

If you walk from Main Beach to downtown you will need to cross the King George VI Lift Bridge. There’s a good chance you’ll encounter the bridge splitting to lift when a tall sailboat needs to get through. There’s no choice but to wait and watch, and people find witnessing the boats passing through both enjoyable and entertaining.

7. Port Stanley Terminal Rail

For a totally unique thing to do in Port Stanley, consider booking a ride on the Port Stanley Terminal Rail. This is Elgin County’s longest running tourist attraction, and it’s a well-oiled machine (pun intended)!

Round trip scenic and festive rides operate from July to December from the Port Stanley Terminal, at 309 Bridge St.

Admission starts at $15 for adults and $9 for children, and rides range from 1-3 hours.

8. Port Stanley Festival Theatre

For people looking for an alternative to the beach scene, the Port Stanley Festival Theatre makes for a great reason to pay this village a visit. With multiple summer (and off-season) productions, youth programs, and an annual Playwright’s Festival, this theatre is alive and well, bringing a different crowd from the typical beach-goer.

Rows of seats and a stage in a live theatre, like you will find near Port Stanley Beach, Ontario

9. Bike Around Port Stanley

Looking for an alternate way to see the town? Hop on a bike with the help of the Ride Elgin Bike Share initiative!

All you have to do is download the dropbike app, scan your QR code and pay for a certain amount of time, ride, and then park it back at one of the four Port Stanley designated bike racks.

Looking for a bike path in Port Stanley? Check out this Port Stanley Cycling Map.

Looking to cycle to some nearby towns along Lake Erie? The Waterfront Trail is an awesome way to bike to nearby beach towns!

Bicycle by beach

10. Shaw’s Ice Cream

Less than 10 minutes north of Port Stanley, on Sunset Drive (Hwy 4), you will find the beloved Shaw’s Ice Cream store. A long-time local thriving business, Shaw’s is not to be passed up.

It’s roadside location is on the way in to Port Stanley for tourists coming from most directions, and there is absolutely no doubt that it’s a regular stop for many. With it’s large sign and the only packed parking lot for kilometers, it’s pretty hard to miss. It is so worth the stop!

Shaw's Dairy Bar is a great place to go near Port Stanley

With dozens of unique and classic flavours made in house of 100% Canadian dairy, you will definitely find something to satisfy your sweet tooth after a long day at the beach.

Already ate ice cream at the beach? Then pick up a tub from Shaw’s to go. You will not be disappointed!

11. St. Thomas Elevated Park

If you drive into Port Stanley by way of Sunset Drive (Hwy 4), you will likely notice the tall bridge just past the roundabout as you approach the town of St Thomas. It’s pretty hard to miss.

This elevated bridge was originally constructed as a single-track timber trestle back in 1872. It was reconstructed a few times since then, and in 2020 its transformation into the St Thomas Elevated Park was complete.

Equipped with a multiuse trail and lined with flowerbeds, trees, park benches, art and large metal instruments, this park is accessible from parking on Centre Street, St Thomas, or at the Jumbo Memorial. The park only sits at a slight incline from parking, making it an accessible option for many.

At 850 meters long and 95 feet above ground, this park is one-of-a-kind, and makes for a unique addition to your day at the beach!

12. Historic Sparta & Sparta Lavender Farm

A short 15 minute drive from Port Stanley rests the quaint, historic village of Sparta. Originally home to Quaker settlers in the 1800s, Sparta retains many old homes and offers visitors a chance to experience that old-time country feel.

Lavender bushes like you will find at a lavender farm near Port Stanley, Ontario

Sparta is most well known for the Sparta Country Candles store and the Sparta Lavender Farm, but is also home to a tea room, art studio, spa, and other unique stops.

13. Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area

Looking for a great place to get out and hike? In less than a 20 minute drive from Port Stanley, just past the town a Sparta you will find the beautiful nature oasis of Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area.

We stumbled upon this lush Carolinian forest while taking a country drive, and were pleasantly surprised. Yarmouth offers trails that follow Catfish Creek and that circle the marshy Herb Kebbel Wetland. We were amazed at how well marked the trails were, and how peaceful it was here.

Check out our post on hiking in Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area to see what this little oasis has to offer.

Herb Kebbel Wetland at Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area

14. Check Out London, Ontario

Port Stanley is located just 40 minutes away from the mid-sized city of London, Ontario. If you’re visiting Port Stanley for a few days, we recommend spending one day checking out some of London’s fun activities.

As locals of London, we can recommend quite a few attractions and activities you might want to consider. Here’s a few of our favourite:

✅ Boler Mountain’s Treetop Adventure Park
✅ The Factory’s Indoor Adventure Park + The Clubhouse Upscale Lounge
✅ Storybook Gardens (outdoor kids park)
✅ Shop for local produce and artisan items at London’s farmers markets
✅ Shopping at London’s upscale mall

city street by Covent Garden Market in downtown London ontario

London is also a great place to stay overnight if you’re planning a beach getaway to Port Stanley but prefer to stay in a city. Check out our recommendations for where to stay in London for your trip.

Port Stanley Restaurants & Patios

Like a good tourist town should, Port Stanley is ready to serve its visitors with lots of popular independent eateries.

Here are some of our favourites along with some of the most popular places to eat in town:

🍴GT’s on the Beach

When we come to Port Stanley Beach, we can’t pass up the opportunity to sit on the awesome beachfront patio at GT’s on the Beach. To us, nothing says Ontario summer getaway more than this.

Erie and Darren having a drink at GT's on the Beach, Port Stanley Main Beach

The menu is quite extensive, including favourite pub food appetizers, burgers, salads, fish and chips, tacos and more. They also have pretty well everything you could be looking for in a drink menu, including pina coladas, daquiris, an margaritas. Helllloooo summer!!

GT’s also manages the volleyball nets in front of their restaurant on the Main Beach. Access to the courts is complimentary to their customers and definitely adds to the lively atmosphere on the beach.

Kudos to GT’s owners Andy and Carol for their commitment to the Port Stanley community!


Craving a burger and some crispy fries to top off your Port Stanley beach day? Mackie’s has you covered!

Mackie’s is right in the heart of Main Beach and always draws a huge crowd. Regular Port Stanley beach goers often make a stop at Mackie’s part of their regular ritual when in town, and they’re most well known for their delicious fries and their Orangeade drink.

Mackie's Restaurant at Port Stanley Beach

Mackie’s has a pretty noticeable appearance that makes it hard to miss. Just look for the big blue building with the orange sign and a steady stream of people flowing through the doors!

🍴SoLo on Main

Upscale, charming, exquisite, and all around fantastic experience. These are the frequent reviews received by SoLo on Main.

Committed to local, fresh, and house-made ingredients, SoLo is always a favourite and always ready to impress. Their menu features seafood, classic entrees, and favourites from different cultures, as well as vegan and gluten free options, all with a fancy twist from Port Stanley raised Chef Lo.

🍴Kettle Creek Inn & Restaurant

Named after the creek that runs through town, Kettle Creek Inn & Restaurant is easily a favourite for frequent Port Stanley visitors.

Kettle Creek Inn and Restaurant, Port Stanley Ontario
Kettle Creek Inn and Restaurant

Kettle Creek offers a variety of seafood, classic, vegetarian, and gluten free options. It also always features locally-caught Lake Erie pickerel. Dining is available in the beautiful indoor restaurant or on the quaint outdoor garden patio.

Considering staying the night? The Kettle Creek Inn also offers beautiful suites at affordable rates.

🍴The Windjammer Inn

With beautiful brunch and dinner menus, The Windjammer Inn is proud to serve seasonal, local fine dishes, including locally caught seafood.

The atmosphere is quaint, as the Windjammer Inn and Restaurant is an old home that has been renovated to mix the modern with traditional. Seating is also available on the outdoor patio (the front porch).

Regulars call the Windjammer a hidden gem of Port Stanley and rave about the friendly customer service.

Looking for classic bar food but with a few extra doses of class? Then look no further than Two Forks in downtown Port Stanley for a unique touch to your classic Canadian favourites.

If you’re looking for a relaxing drink then you’ll also be happy to explore their extensive bar menu.

Two Forks has a beautiful outdoor patio tucked away with shady trees, which is perfect for those hot summer days!

🍴Pierside Pub

Every time we come to Port Stanley Beach we walk by the Pierside Pub and it is always packed!

What seems to draw the crowds the most is its lively atmosphere, as there is often live music on the outdoor patio. It is also close to the Main Beach, and provides a different bar atmosphere to what you will find at GT’s on the Beach.

If you’re looking for a friendly, small town bar, consider making a stop at Pierside Pub.

Eating Mackie's Fries on Port Stanley Beach

Hotels, Inns, and Cottages in Port Stanley

Being the tourist town that Port Stanley is, there are numerous options to places to stay the night. Here are some of the inns and hotels with a history of positive customer feedback:

🛎️Inn on the Harbour & Telegraph House

Inn on the Harbour: Cozy, romantic rooms offering a beautiful harbourfront view. Each room offers unique décor and large windows to enjoy the view and natural light. For guests with mobility concerns, request a main level room. Larger groups may also consider renting Alma Villa, Inn on the Harbour’s renovated historic home offering a beautiful lakefront view.

Telegraph House: Romantic Victorian Inn located steps from downtown and along the Kettle Creek harbour. All rooms have an ensuite bathroom. Perfect for a special night out. Breakfast offered in the on-site restaurant.

Book your stay at Inn on the Harbour & Telegraph House

🛎️Kettle Creek Inn

Classy, romantic and historic, the Kettle Creek Inn offers exceptional accommodations on its quaint grounds. Kettle Creek Inn is a member of Ontario’s Finest Hotels, Inns & Spas, and is a popular choice for a peaceful and memorable night by the water. Enjoy the beloved Kettle Creek Inn Restaurant on site.

Book your stay at Kettle Creek Inn

🛎️The Windjammer Inn

A cozy, quaint and affordable stay in a historic home near Main Beach. With hospitable hosts and a great restaurant on site for breakfast, the Windjammer Inn is an excellent choice for a romantic stay in town.

🛎️Port Stanley Beach House

Reasonable nightly rates with full breakfast included. Spacious rooms that come with air conditioning and fridges. Located right next to the Buccaneer Restaurant and just steps from Port Stanley Main Beach.

🛎️Eagle’s Rest

Quiet, comfortable and peaceful Bed & Breakfast just outside of downtown Port Stanley. Multiple rooms available, with beautiful grounds and spacious common area.

Kettle Creek, Port Stanley

Camping Near Port Stanley

While there are no official camp sites in Port Stanley, there are many great camping locations within a short drive. Here are a few to explore:

Kettle Creek Conservation Area in St Thomas
Dalewood Conservation Area in St Thomas
Springwater Conservation Area in Aylmer
Port Bruce Provincial Park in Port Bruce
Bee Line Parks (RV Park) in Port Bruce
Port Burwell Provincial Park in Port Burwell

Parking in Port Stanley

On a really busy day (such as a holiday) parking in Port Stanley can be tricky. We have come for Canada Day fireworks and have had to circle parking lots before eventually backtracking to street parking a 15 minute walk from the Main Beach.

That said, most of the time you can find parking in one of the municipal lots. The Municipality of Central Elgin has highlighted the municipal lots here.

Municipal parking lots are enforced from May-September and are $4 per hour or $20 per day. Evenings are also free in the municipal lots.

There is also free street parking at various places throughout the town.

Where is Port Stanley, Ontario?

Port Stanley is located along the north shore of Lake Erie, in Elgin County. It is about a 40 minute drive south of London, 2 1/2 hours southwest of Toronto, or 2 hours northeast of Windsor. It is surrounded by the communities of Shedden, St Thomas, Aylmer and Sparta, Ontario.

Just east from Port Stanley along Lake Erie’s North Shore, you will also find Port Bruce and Port Burwell, two other popular beaches in Elgin County.

Is Port Stanley Worth Visiting?

With so many popular beach towns in southwestern Ontario, you might be wondering how Port Stanley ranks among the crowd.

If you’re looking for a busy beach where the tourists flock and the sandy shoreline is just right, Port Stanley is where it’s at.

There’s no doubt that Port Stanley knows how to be an awesome beach town. With great waterfront restaurants and live entertainment, cute boutique shops, and a well-maintained, life-guarded beach, this beach destination is top notch for all the right reasons.

Port Stanley is our favourite Ontario beach and our go-to spot in the summer. Having spent numerous days here, we wanted to come up with a comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of your next trip to the sunny shore.

Other Beaches Near Port Stanley

Situated on the northern shores of Lake Erie, Port Stanley Beach is not far from some other well known beach towns.

Port Bruce and Port Bruce Provincial Park are a short 20 minute drive east of Port Stanley Beach.

Port Bruce Beach near Port Stanley Beach
Port Bruce Beach

Another 20 minute drive east of Port Bruce is Port Burwell and Port Burwell Provincial Park. We’ve written a post about visiting Port Burwell Provincial Park that gives you a good idea of what to expect at this beach.

Still further east you will find Long Point Provincial Park, Turkey Point Provincial Park and many other small town beaches as you continue east on the Lake Erie North Shore. Each offers something unique and is worthy of a visit.

FAQs: Port Stanley Beach

Hopefully we’ve answered most of the questions you have about the beaches in Port Stanley, Ontario, but if not here are a few commonly asked questions.

Are Dogs Allowed on the Beach in Port Stanley?

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed at the Port Stanley beach. They are certainly welcome downtown and along walkways. For a list of some other beaches you can take your dog to nearby, check out this list of the top pet-friendly beaches in Southwestern Ontario.

Can you swim at Port Stanley beach?

Absolutely! Port Stanley Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag Beach status recognizing its excellence in water quality and conditions for multiple years. It is one of the most popular swimming beaches in Ontario. Of course, always check conditions and water quality and do not swim if either are unsafe.

Our Wrap Up: Complete Beach Guide to Port Stanley

With so many great beaches along the Lake Erie North Shore, it’s worth doing your research to find the beach that best suits your liking.

From kayaking to hiking, watching a show to boutique shopping, we hope this guide to the best things to do at Port Stanley beach gets you excited and ready to check out this local summer gem!